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Welcome to the Monnaies du Monde Homepage  Last update [25/08/2014]
Banknote and paper money collecting is an exciting hobby I have since years, like many other people all over the world. Collecting world paper money teaches you arts, geography, history, foreign languages even politics. You explore different cultures, places, countries and continents.
If you are new to this hobby of collecting, I hope my web site will provide everyone with beautiful images and all kinds of interesting and useful information about banknotes from all over the world and will teach you how to collect, what to collect and how to enjoy it.
Various countries of the world have their own words for "paper money".
These are translations of words "banknotes" and "paper money" into some world languages:

- French :

Billets, Papier Monnaie

- Mandarin :


- German :

Banknoten, Papiergeld

- Arabic :

الأوراق النقدية والنقود الورقية

- Italian :

Banconota, Cartamoneta

- Hebrew :

השטר, נייר כסף

- Polonais :

Banknot, Pieniądz papierowy

- Hindi :

नोट, कागज पैसे

- Spanish :

Notas de Banco, Papel Moneda

- Russian :

банкноты, бумажные деньги

- Portuguese :

Notas de banco, Dinheiro de papel

- Thai :

แบงก์ เงิน กระดาษ

- Indonesian :

Uang kertas

- Japanese :


This website is the reflection of a private and illustrated collection of banknotes. It doesn't have any economic, geopolitic or historic goal. Some presented banknotes do not have legal tender any more; some countries changed name or do not exist any more.

3 ways to find a country: by lists, by interactive map or by direct access.

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        North America
        South America

To date, in this collection :
2676bank notes from


headlines :




Annuaire Campi

Money of the World



More banknotes in my collection  [25/08/2014]
Angola (p-106) ; Australia (p-57f) ; Bangladesh (p-27a ; p-57b) ; Belarus (p-29b) ; Bhutan (p-05 ; p-06 ; p-15b) ; Bolivia (p-168) ; Cambodia (p-05d) ; Chatham Islands (p-NL03) ; Chile (p-138 ; p-161c) ; China (p-085b ; p-154) ; Eritrea (p-new) ; French Indo-China (p-089a) ; French Pacific Territories (p-New1000) ; Greece (p-128a) ; Guatemala (p-065 ; p-New2012) ; Indonesia (p-148New) ; Iran (p-148c) ; Israel (p-64) ; Japan (p-103b) ; Kuwait (p-New01 ; p-New02 ; p-New03) ; Kyrgyzstan (p-07) ; Laos (p-21a) ; Laos (p-22a) ; Libya (p-new) ; Madagascar (p-89b) ; Mongolia (p-66a) ; Mozambique (p-132c) ; Nepal (p-01b ; p-16 ; p-38b1 ; p-46) ; Nigeria (p-28k) ; North Korea (p-10Ab ; p-49) ; Papua New Guinea (p-35) ; Paraguay (p-221) ; Peru (p-145) ; Rwanda (p-22) ; Sao Tome-and-Principe (p-65b) ; Serbia (p-23 ; p-54b ; p-55b) ; Shanghai (p-118o) ; Spain (p-144) ; Taiwan (p-1992) ; Trans-Dniester (p-21) ; Turkey (p-195 ; p-223 ; p-224b ; p-New) ; Ukraine (p-120d) ; Uruguay (p-46a(4) ; p-86b) ; Venezuela (p-90b) ; Yugoslavia (p-101 ; p-117 ; p-124).
New notes in my collection - 31/05/2014 Adding of new banknotes - 15/03/2014
Adding of new banknotes - 21/01/2014 New banknotes in my collection - 17/12/2013
More banknotes in my collection - 22/09/2012 From all over the workd - 30/06/2012
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